customer has Concord database and Ipro Prj all setup – however the Concord camera button will not auto invoke Ipro Viewer and show the images automatically

It will only work if the user manually opens Ipro then the linking works great from within Concord and within Ipro View

FIX = check WINDOWS File Associations!

Troubleshooting IPRO Viewer

If IPRO doesn’t open when you click on the camera button, associate the .IPR file extension with the IPRO Viewer.

1 Create a new plain text document.

2 Right-click on the Windows desktop and select New > Text Document.

3 Name the document Test.ipr. If the file type icon doesn’t change to the IPRO Logo, or appears as an unknown file type, right-click on the text document file and click Properties.

4 In the Properties dialog, select the General tab, and then click the Change button

5 Choose IPRO from the list of programs in the Open With dialog

NOTE – If IPRO is not listed, then click Browse and navigate to the location of the I2KPREM.exe file. (Example: C:\Program Files\ IPRO Tech\I2KPREM.exe)

6 Click OK.