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IPRO Tech’s Methodology of Producing Searchable PDF Files

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  • IPRO Tech’s Methodology of Producing Searchable PDF Files

    When used properly, IPRO Build can create searchable PDF files while eliminating any text behind redactions. The methodology used to create these type of secure PDF files is based upon how the PDF files are built rather than just applying redactions to an existing PDF file. When IPRO produces searchable PDF files, they are actually embedded images with hidden text rather than a full text PDF.

    The text is created either from OCR or electronic discovery so that the image position of every word on the page is captured. During production of PDF files, the redactions (if selected) are actually part of the new image rather than just an overlay. The text is loaded behind the image, however, since we capture the actual position of each word on the image, we remove any text within the redaction coordinates, essentially we never include that text within the PDF construct. The new image and the modified text are now positioned and a new searchable PDF page is generated.

    Should any PDF viewing program attempt to select text, it will only be able to select non-redacted text as there are no text words behind any redaction. Any export to image or image acquisition from the PDF will retrieve an image with the redactions, as they are part of the actual page rather than a separate annotation. There are no means to get the text or redacted portion of the images, because neither exists in that page. Any search terms entered will only produce hits on the words that exist on that page, and since no words exists behind redactions, there will be no highlighting within the middle of redactions, as seen in some other application generated PDF files.

    This PDF generation technique applies to version 8.5 and higher of IPRO Tech production software and assumes that the user selected to endorse redactions.