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  • System Level Options

    IPRO Tech Suite enables you to control its system-wide settings from a single dialog box. These settings are called system level options (or system options) because they apply to every user that logs into the IPRO Tech system.

    You can access the System Options dialog box from the IPRO Tech Authorization program (File > Set System Options) or from the IPRO Tech Configuration program (File > Set System Level Options).

    The System Options and our recommendations are:

    􀂃 Site Code must be unique for each location because it is used to generate the prefix for files generated by IPROScan Premium. Choose a site code that is meaningful to the location.

    􀂃 Page Locking causes IPRO Tech components to automatically lock each item in the image database as it is accessed. Page Locking should be selected in order to prevent potential problems that can occur if two users attempt to alter the same database record simultaneously.

    􀂃 Disable Security enables users to bypass IPROSecure and access project and image data on any IPROView project. Disable Security should not generally be selected.

    􀂃 Non-Secure Batch Print Files (when selected) causes IPROPrint to generate unsecure batch print (.PRT) files, which can be viewed and edited in a text editor. If you do not select this option, IPROPrint will create secure, encrypted (.PRS) batch print files.

    􀂃 Transaction History must be selected in order for the IPRO Tech Suite components (such as IPROView) to generate the data that is used by the IPROTask Replication program. This data includes tags, redactions, and other changes to the image database. If you are using the IPROTask Replication program, you must set this option.

    􀂃 Allow Long Filenames (when selected) enables IPRO Tech Suite to accommodate user IDs, passwords, and Allow Long Filenames (when selected) enables IPRO Tech Suite to accommodate user IDs, passwords, and project names up to 30 characters long. We recommend that you select this option if you are using IPRO Tech Suite to interface with third party applications.

    􀂃 Disable Viewer Command Execute prevents users from starting another program (such as Microsoft Word) from a button on the IPROView toolbar. If you want to provide a quick way for your IPROView users to start a common application, be sure this option is not selected. Selecting this option in version 7.5 or later also prevents users from starting the IPROTask Replication program or the IPRO Tech Launcher from IPROView.

    􀂃 Disable Remote Printing (when selected) prevents the remote IPROPrint module from printing via the image server. If your users need to print remotely using the remote IPROPrint module, do not select this option.

    􀂃 Allow Remember Login Feature enables the Remember Password option in the Login dialog box so that users can access IPRO Tech programs without knowing a valid user ID and password. We do not recommend using this option unless your Windows and network security settings provide adequate security for your IPRO Tech Suite data.

    From the March 19, 2003 IPRO Tech Client Services Tip of the Day