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  • View - 32,000 search limit workaround

    View: IPRO Searching for Text in an Image Collection

    When searching for text in an IPRO View image collection, the search results will return a maximum of 32,000 pages.

    To exceed this limit, you can export a word search to an ASCII file using the IPRO Tech Utility program. This allows you to perform the same type of search as you would using IPRO View, without the limitation.

    The project's settings must meet the same requirements that are necessary for
    searching in IPRO View. The project requires OCR text imported into the project, a search index, and full text searching enabled.

    1. Start the IPRO Tech Utility program and select the project.

    2. Choose Export > Word Search from the menu, The Export Word Search dialog box opens.

    3. Enter the search criteria.

    4. Click ... next to the Export File field and navigate to the directory where you want the search results saved.

    5. Click Start to start the search, When the search concludes the .txt file will
    show a list of image keys meeting the criteria.