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Migrating the Suite 8.6 SP6 from one server to another

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  • Migrating the Suite 8.6 SP6 from one server to another

    Below are instructions for migrating IPRO Suite Data from one server to another. Please read through all of the instructions at least once before beginning the migration and ensure you have access to all required locations. Once you have validated that you have access to all required locations, please follow the instructions as they apply to your Suite setup.

    1. Move the System directory: The System directory contains the IPROAUTH.SYS and SRVAUTH.SYS (optional) files.
    In addition to a SYSTEMDB sub folder. The SYSTEMDB folder contains .IDB files which store information related to project and user lists. Move these folders to your new server.
    • The System directory can be found by clicking 'Configure' on the File > Login screen.

    2. Move the data directory: The data directory is the folder that contains all of the project information. Copy this folder to the new server. You will need to reconfigure the project data and system directories to point to the new location once the files have been moved.
    • To configure the system directory open the Launcher and choose File > Login. Set the Type: to Network / WAN System Directory and click 'Configure'. Browse to the new system directory (UNC path is recommended) and click OK.
    • To configure the project data directory, from the Launcher go to Configure and Load > Configuration Program > Settings > Set Directory Paths > Set Project Database Directories: This will display the location(s) of your Project folders.

    3. Move images/update volume paths: Finally, if you are moving images, you will want to copy the images to the new location, and use the Volume Update utility (VolumeUpdate.exe) to change the direct access volume path for all of your images.
    • Volumeupdate.exe resides in the IPRO Suite installation directory.

    *If the IPRO Suite software has already been installed on the new server and all authorizations completed, ensure the SYSTEMDB and Project Data directories are moved to the new server and the paths updated to reflect the new server information.

    *If your facility also uses Premium Scan, the SCANMSG and SCANNING folders will need to be copied to the new server as well.