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PDFs with nested bookmarks

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  • PDFs with nested bookmarks

    Has anybody found a better way to get nested bookmarks automatically created in PDFs than below? This method works, but it's not very elegant.

    The circumstances are the creation of folder-level PDFs, with bookmarks at the doc level. This part works fine. But it is also wanted to have nested bookmarks within the doc level. It seemed logical to create child items and then bookmark down to child level, but that didn't work.

    What did work was to have no level assigned to these "kind-of-children" (i.e., they're pages) , and then use an FD lfp to assign Folder Description names to each of these items, at the (D)oc level. Example:

    When you then export the PDF with doc-level bookmarks, you get the actual D level with its folder description bookmark, and these "children" nested/indented within that.

    It works, but I'm betting there's a better way.

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    Thank you for posting on the Ipro Community. I am looking into a better way to accomplish this task in Suite.

    I will update this thread as soon as I have more information.

    Thank you,
    Levi Roble
    Technical Support Engineer 2


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      Hello Pat,

      Thank you for your patience. The workflow you are currently using would be the best solution for generating nested bookmarks, since the Ipro Build module does not allow the creation of nested bookmarks.


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        It would be good feature to include in enterprise suite too. an option to create nested bookmarked PDFs out of eclipse would be much appreciated by people used to providing PDFs files only. It would eliminate the need to create a publish database for clients who do not have any litigation applications like Eclipse, summation, etc...