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Attaching Saved Stages to deposition transcript

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  • Attaching Saved Stages to deposition transcript

    Is there a way to present a deposition clip with attached saved stages? I have tried this before but thought I would give it another try, and once again the saved stages show as attached in Transcript manager and even show up in the preview window - but when you play the clip in presentation mode, attached exhibits will pop up but saved stages will not. I have gotten around this before simply by using screen grabs, but it would be nice if you could split screen your saved stages. Is there a way to do this? Is there something I am not selecting to allow them to show up in presentation mode like other synchronized exhibits?

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    Pete Diaz

    Some of the underpinnings in SaveStages do not allow it to be attached. Screengrabs/Snapshots yes (as they are physical files) but SaveStages are a database entry more or less. You are welcome to feature request it for use in TD360.
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