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TD 6.8.2070.2019 Presentation Screen wont call up docs after WIN 10 update from (1809) to (1909)

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  • TD 6.8.2070.2019 Presentation Screen wont call up docs after WIN 10 update from (1809) to (1909)

    I last used TD 6.8.2020.2019 in trial a month or so ago. all was good. Since then, Microsoft forced an update from from WIN10 ver 1809 to 1909.

    TD opens and I can see everything in the preview pane (Image tab) , I can even drag docs over to and call up docs in the Presentation Preview tab. however if I either try to Present Preview to the Presentation Screen or call up any document from the Presentation screen it does not work.

    Calling up Doc ids from Presentation screen gives the red dot error in the lower right.

    Is there a fix? Is this related to the WINDOWS Update?

    HELP I leave for trial tomorrow

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    If we've ever seen this issue, it's due to environment. Being that this is Windows 10, it's strongly recommended that you create a local admin. Microsoft has overhauled the user creation process and tries to force you to create a pin or link to an email / etc (to sync across devices) when creating a user -- this can definitely have an impact on the ports that TrialDirector Presentation uses. (TrialDirector 6 Presentation is a component of Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation , Microsoft is aware of user creation affecting this component)

    Login as your local admin. When logging in we would choose "Other User" or other to force an actual local login. If your local admin is named Joey, you would type the username ".\Joey" without the quotes and then your password in the password field

    Once you've created the local admin, we would suggest logging in as local admin then uninstalling TrialDirector 6 and deleting the install folder. Reboot.

    Login again as the local admin and reinstall TrialDirector 6. Reboot.

    Test your presentation communication. If this is related to port blocking at a BIOS level, some users have moved to installing on a completely different computer.
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