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Transcript will not print to pdf with issue codes

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  • Transcript will not print to pdf with issue codes

    I am trying to print a transcript with issue codes to a pdf, and it begins the process and then just stops. I can print it to pdf when I have "emphasize issues" deselected, but it will not print with issue codes enabled. Anyone know how to fix this or what could be going on? Going to try on a different pc to see if that helps.

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    We assume you are printing Issue Codes in TrialDirector 6. This has been tested in the 6.8.2070.2019 install environment and is working correctly. We were able to test this in multiple environments and Issue Codes do not hang on report printing.

    If there are any 3rd party PDF plug-ins or viewers installed (Outside of Adobe / Adobe DC) this might also be something that could cause that behavior.

    Would you be able to print to Microsoft Word Doc for additional testing?
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      Chris, I am trying to print (to pdf) the entire transcript with issues emphasized. I can print it if I select a single issue code, but it will not print with multiple issue codes selected. I can output issue code reports - but not "current transcript" with issues emphasized. I did figure out a work around is to do a transparent issue for the entire deposition - but that does not really give me what I want.


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        Understood. Thanks for clarifying.

        We've tested this using the TrialDirector 6 Sample Case - Stacy King Depo and it's built-in issues. In this depo we have Plaintiff and Def as the issues.

        Few different ways this works..

        If you go to File > Print and choose Current Transcript and then Print to PDF within that window - it should complete. If not, we've seen the PDF handler component start but then get hijacked. (You may briefly get a dialog that shows the PDF processing but nothing happens) Or, it may complete but the emphasis wasn't added. Different environments may cause this behavior.

        Alternatively, if you go to File > Print to File (PDF) then choose Current Transcript (Check Emphasize Issues as needed) and follow this method.

        The PDF with issues emphasized will shown in italic - our example shows the entire transcript but the issues start on page 12. We've attached a PDF of the Stacy King depo with Issue Emphasis.

        PDF Here...

        Password is ipro123!
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