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Videos being cut short in mirror preview mode

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  • Videos being cut short in mirror preview mode


    I am having an issue with Trial director videos being cut short in mirror preview mode. Here is the version details. How can I fix this?


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    Thanks for using Ipro Community. We've verified your maintenance with the information that was posted. For security, we have removed the image.

    As for the issue -

    We'd suggest testing this outside of Mirror Mode.

    - Do the clips work in Presentation by themselves?
    - Do the clips work in Presentation Preview by themselves?
    - Do the original source videos have an .MPG extension in Windows or are they MPEG-4 / .MP4 ?
    - Are you on a docking station? If so we'd remove the computer from the docking station and any other hardware (minus the power plug) and test video playback there.

    If you are on Windows 10 and using MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 (.MPG extension) Microsoft is already aware of Windows 10 playback issues with this file-type. The workflow to correct is extensive so please follow the steps below if none of the above steps rectify the issue.

    Windows 10 MPEG 1/2 Licensing - Cutoff Issue

    This is an issue with Windows 8/10 and MPEG 1, and MPEG 2 video files. Microsoft terminated licensing for 3rd-party playback within these file containers.

    In TrialDirector Transcript Manager, verify that the Audio / Video parts are definitely MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. Right click on them and verify file extension under properties. If they are, we need to convert them to MP4 (MPEG-4). They can try to convert it using this program:

    Not all MPEG’s are built the same. Our transcoder may or may not work. Either way, you will need to encode to a compliant H.264 MP4 file using our software or 3rd party. Once you have that – we can move to step 2.

    Make a Clip Creation Script in Transcript Manager via Clips > Export Clip Creation Script. We want to backup all of your clip cutting work.
    In Transcript Manger, go to Tools > TimeCoder. This will launch the built-in version of TimeCoder. You need to locate their original CMS file for the problematic deposition.

    In TimeCoder, go to File > Import from > TrialDirector CMS. Browse to the original CMS and follow the menus.
    The Transcript should now show in TimeCoder. Now go to Multimedia > Multimedia Manager.You will see all of your videos listed in this screen.

    Click the first of the videos and then the REPLACE button. Choose it’s replacement MP4 file that was converted back in step 1. The idea here is to REPLACE / swap all those bad MPEG 1 or 2 files with their good MP4 counterparts. Press OK.

    Now that we have these switched to MP4 - In TimeCoder, go to File > Export to TrialDirector CMS. Save that CMS file in it’s own folder. Don’t save it with other CMS files because CMS files might append other CMS files they are saved with. We want to avoid that.
    In TrialDirector, go back to Transcript Manager. Make sure you made a Clip Creation Script back in Step 2. Right click on the problem deposition and delete it.

    Go to Transcripts > Import Transcripts From > Synchronized Transcripts. Browse out to that CMS file you saved in Step 5. We assume the video is already on the computer so let's choose "Do Not Copy" when asked about the multimedia. Follow the rest of the menus and import it.
    So now we have the MP4 version of the problem deposition loaded but where are our clips?

    Find that CCS file you saved back in Step 2. Go to View By > Clips. Then go to Clips > Execute Clip Creation Script. Point it to the CCS file and that should give us our clips back. Test the clips in Presentation Mode and they should not cutoff anymore.

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      You can also check to see if you have installed the MPEG2 Codec by mistake. This is a codec that Windows 10 Movies & TV is always asking to install whenever you want to play an MPEG file out of that player. I normally use the old Windows Media Player or VLC to play MPEGs (these players do NOT require that codec). But if you have this codec extension installed, you will need to uninstall it from the Add/Remove Programs. Once this is done you should be OK with video clips cutting short. Let me know if this helps you. Thank you!



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        Thanks for posting this info. With our testing, the MPEG-2 Video Extension can be removed (however) it may only temporarily fix the issue upon reboot or slight change in codec priority. We've seen this codec silently install itself right before the user is back in the courtroom or make it so MPEG-2 files don't play at all within Presentation or Windows. MPEG-4's are not impacted by this issue.
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