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Trial Director 6 Hanging/Crashing on Document Tree Expansion

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  • Trial Director 6 Hanging/Crashing on Document Tree Expansion

    Hi there - we're having an issue in TD6 where trying to expand the document tree in the Case Library tab crashes/hangs Trial Director.

    When the + is clicked, the cursor turns into the spinning blue icon, the + disappears, and TD6 hangs until the task is ended in the task manager window.

    This is running on the latest version of Windows 10 on a laptop that well exceeds the minimum specs.

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do to stop this from happening.


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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    Reviewing your image, there's a few things we'll comment on here...

    121,638 items would be considered a heavy case. If the data in question has traversed the e-Discovery cycle and was culled down to that number then that's understandable. There's not really a magic number of items that are allowed in TrialDirector 6 (we've seen it in the millions) but file size and database integrity will dictate how the case handles. If you look at the database back-end, none of the .MDB files should exceed 1gb.

    Not having much of an idea of the DocID naming we can only guess here... DocID's should be a minimum of 5 chars and no more than 40. Anything falling outside of the 5-40 range may cause strain on the database back-end. PDF's especially.

    Looking at your source files, ( the ones you dragged into TrialDirector 6 ) if you go to their Windows directory and sort by file size, do any exceed 100mb? PDF's and other files are accepted in TrialDirector 6 but files beyond 100MB may need to be compressed down to something that's easier to render. There might be one or more files that exceed 100mb. We've seen some PDF files in the 3GB range (difficult for Presentation to render that) and removing that file from TrialDirector 6 causes the case to respond much quicker. If the large file is absolutely needed, vendors outside of your firm might be able to compress it down.

    Database maintenance would be the first step. Can the case successfully (in this order) backup / repair / compact under File menu?

    If you feel that the install is part of the equation, try this...

    (This will not affect any of your cases or your personal data)

    -- Locate your latest TrialDirector 6 2019 installer and place that to the side....

    -- Uninstall TrialDirector 6 from your control panel.

    -- Locate the
    C:\Program Files (x86)\inData Corporation\TrialDirector 6
    and delete this folder if it exists.

    -- Locate these directories...
    C:\ProgramData\inData\Downloaded Installations
    Delete these folders if they exist

    -- Locate this directory
    C:\Users\(currently logged on user)\AppData\Local\inData TrialDirector 6
    Delete this folder if it exists.

    -- Reboot your computer.

    -- Run the TrialDirector 6 2019 installer as Admin and let the install complete.

    -- Reboot your computer again.

    -- The software should be back to factory configuration if you followed the steps above. If the case still handles in the way that you are suggesting, then the behavior might be at a case or data level. If your serial number is in maintenance, we can try some additional steps beyond what's outlined above. Please contact our support line with any other questions.
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