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Exported Clips are branded with a message "standard mpeg video"

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  • Exported Clips are branded with a message "standard mpeg video"

    Working off of a machine that I recently did a fresh install of windows on. I have pretty much only installed TD6 to this point. When exporting video clips, they export fine except even the mp4's are branded with a message in the subject line. Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions? Is there a way to re-register TD6's export codecs?

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    The Windows OS works within a priority list. If standardmpeg filter is attached to any 3rd party program within your computer and it's set to highest priority in the list (this is possible), the export process in TrialDirector 6 may be hijacked by that filter. The result is the watermark you see.

    Easiest solution? Close up all programs on your computer and reboot. Relaunch TrialDirector and try the export process again. If standardmpeg is no longer at the top of priority on reboot, the watermark should clear - as long as you remember to export after the reboot.

    If you are still having issues even after reboot and re-export, this indicates deeper environmental conflicts. You could try disabling your entire Windows startup list - reboot and then re-export. Beyond this you may have to reach out to your IT Group for further troubleshooting.

    As for the standardmpeg / standardmpeg demo - Ipro and TrialDirector are not associated with it. It's 3rd party.
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    • Pete Diaz
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      There is literally nothing else on this machine. It is a full, clean windows install that only has trial director and whatever comes out of the box with windows 10. It wasn't reloaded from a rescue disk either but by doing a full format and clean install with the windows 10 "reset this PC" option selecting to not keep programs or data. I will do a thorough check to make sure nothing else snuck on (I know MS has the app installer to push apps to your pc) - but am pretty sure nothing else is there.

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    Well, I fixed this. All I had to do was install Timecoder Pro, and it works fine now.


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      Good to hear Pete. As for why TimeCoder Pro 6 install appears to have fixed it - that's a reset on the codec environment.
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