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  • Make PDF File From Selected Items

    Re: TD6.8 (2070).2019. I often use "Make PDF file from Select Items" to export PDFs from TD. Starting today, sitting here in the courtroom, TrialDirector will only allow me to export files once using this command. In order to use the feature again I have to restart my computer. I have repaired and compacted the databases. It happens across cases. I have not installed any new software. Anyone else experience this issue?

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    Can't say we've heard of this. The functionality that you've described hand's off to the native PDF application within Windows. If this is Adobe DC or similar, you can try closing TrialDirector 6 and then open up any PDF on your system. Go to Help within Adobe and choose "Repair Installation". If the repair completes with no errors, we'd suggest going into Control Panel and running a repair on TrialDirector 6. Reboot your computer and test again.

    Using any other case(s) or the TrialDirector 6 Sample Case - does the issue happen there too?

    Outside of the above, Adobe may also have a Protected mode enabled that interferes with the hand-off. You can try turning off protected mode. It does work initially so this may not be the issue.

    If you have some other 3rd party product that handles your PDF's natively, TrialDirector 6 may work with that but it's really only got logic to work with Adobe plugins.
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