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Can TD present excel files natively?

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  • Can TD present excel files natively?

    I'm looking for tips on how to best present an excel file (other than imaging it). Thanks!

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    For TrialDirector 6 - As long as the Excel has an .xlsx extension and isn't loaded with macro's - it should be able to present properly. While you can move the excel in-between zones such as Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 9 - we'd suggest Zone 9 as that type of file will not shrink to match the zone. You'll have to scroll left / right on smaller zones. Excel files tend to be finicky because of the architecture behind them. They don't all cooperate with TrialDirector Presentation (aka - Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation)

    As an aside, Microsoft may decide to modify the plugins that allow Excel files to present in the future. In anticipation of this change, TrialDirector 360 does not actively load Excel or xlsx files at this time. You would have to image those first and then bring in as a PDF or other supported file-type.
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