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TimeCoder Fix Multi-Media Volume/Names/Location

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  • TimeCoder Fix Multi-Media Volume/Names/Location

    When importing transcripts into TrialDirector at times we will receive an error message and prompt that states we cannot locate the media files, this will provide a browse window where you can normally browse out to the new location or file. At times this will not work and will just continue to loop back to the browse window, never actually locating the media file. If this happens you can correct this within TimeCoder (the one included with TrialDirector 6) or TimeCoder Pro by following the below steps.
    • Open TimeCoder or TimeCoder Pro.
    • Click the File Menu Import From.. TrialDirector(TM) Case file (*.cms).
    • Then you can browse out to the existing CMS that is having problems and then import.
    • Once the import is complete, to fix media files, click on the 'Multimedia' menu.
    • Select Multimedia Manager.
    • For each video file click 'Replace' and then browse out to the correct video file and location.
    • Select the correct video file and then click open.
    • You will need to repeat this per video file.
    • After this is complete you can then use the File Menu Export to... TrialDirector(TM) Case file (*.cms).
    • Important - When selecting the location to export, please create a new folder to place the new CMS file in, failing to do so will break the CMS files.
    • Once you have exported the CMS you can then import in to TrialDirector.
    • Important - You can also use this to correct the deponent name in the CMS file by going to 'Edit' Digital Video Transcript Options prior to export.
      Important Tip - For best functionality, ensure your filenames in Windows do not contain any special characters or formatting in the media filename. Example, "John-Smith-&-Jane-Smith-(Media#1of1).mp4" might cause issues across software if it's named this way. We'd suggest naming it as such:


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