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TrialDirector 6 FAQs

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  • TrialDirector 6 FAQs

    How do I navigate my documents in Single-Page View and Multipage View in Presentation Mode?

    TrialDirector 6 now includes 2 unique document page view options: Multipage View and Single Page View. These options can be chosen within the Exhibits tab of the Presentation Preferences dialog accessed from the View menu. Using the Single Page View dramatically decreases the time it takes to load a large document in presentation mode. It allows the user to navigate the document and easily display side-by-side pages using the CTRL+Page Down or CTRL+ Page Up keystroke. This view limits the view to one page of a document at a time.
    Using the Multipage View allows the user to navigate a document as a whole, in a manner similar to Adobe Acrobat. The Page Up, Page Down, Arrow Keys and Mouse Wheel can all be used to navigate the document in this mode. Additionally, the user can scroll in between 2 pages of a document in order easily present content that spans multiple pages.

    How do I navigate to the first or last page of a document within Presentation Mode?

    TrialDirector 6 has simplified the keystrokes required to navigate to the beginning or end of a document. Use the HOME key to navigate to the first of a document. Use the END key to navigate to the last page of a document.

    How do I make MultiPlayer Workbooks play Multimedia and DVT Clips back to back?

    Prior to running a MultiPlayer workbook, open the Presentation Preferences dialog and establish the following settings within the Exhibits tab: DVT Play Options:
    • Startup Behavior: PLAY
    • Shutdown Behavior: CLOSE

    Presentation Play Options:
    • Startup Behavior: PLAY
    • Shutdown Behavior: CLOSE
    • To playback your new MultiPlayer Workbook, first ensure it's set as a MultiPlayer workbook by right-clicking Workbook > Select Workbook Color or Type > MultiPlayer Workbook. Then from your Presentation Toolbar click your Workbooks pull-up menu and choose the MultiPlayer Workbook you created. Next, on the right side, click the pull-up menu for the Workbook contents. From the list of Workbook contents in the explorer, choose the MultiPlay-Workbook. (Example, if your Workbook name is "MyWorkbook", you would choose Multiplay-MyWorkbook.) Once you've chosen the MultiPlay function, present your workbook via the space bar or the green "Present" button.

    Establishing these settings will allow multimedia and DVT clips to play back-to-back when presenting a MultiPlayer Workbook
    How do I create stand alone excerpts from my DVT clips?

    You can provide simple excerpts from DVT clips to the courts, counsel, or clients. The excerpts are provided in MPEG format, and can be viewed on any computer, without the need to have TrialDirector installed. Full details are provided in the Help file topic Generate Excerpts from Clips. A summary appears below.
    1. In the Transcript Manager, set the Transcript Explorer to View By: Clips, then select the desired clips.
    2. Go to the 'Clips' menu and select 'Generate Excerpt(s) from Clip(s)'.
    3. A wizard will open. Make selections as desired on the wizards' screens. You have three options for the excerpt: save as a file, include in an e-mail message, or include in a PowerPoint presentation.

    I tried to install TrialDirector, but the program says that I need a new activation code. How do I get one?

    TrialDirector single-user licensing allows you to install one copy of the software onto your computer. You may install a second copy of the software onto your laptop computer if you need to move the data to take it to trial. Remember that the single-user license agreement prohibits you from using the software on more than one computer at the same time. If you exceed two installations, the program will not install again unless you obtain additional activations by calling Customer Care at 480-497-0066. Please note that installing the single-user software on another individual's computer is a violation of the licensing agreement. You may purchase another license of TrialDirector from our web site or by calling 800-828-8292.
    Can I load large sized images (Blueprint, Maps and Aerial Photos) into TrialDirector 6?

    Yes! We have optimized the PDF and image rendering engines within TrialDirector 6 to accommodate large sized images. Users running TrialDirector 6 on a PC that meets the recommended system requirements will even be able to load multiple large aerial photos at once in Presentation Mode to perform projection callouts etc.

    How do I import documents or images into TrialDirector?

    There are four ways to add documents or images to TrialDirector's Document Manager: Drag and Drop files from your computer, a manual selection process, importing using a Load File, or direct scanning of images

    How do I format a Document Information Load File?

    You will need to create a .CSV file in Excel, the first field in the .CSV MUST represent an existing TrialDirector Document Information Field. The first row in your Excel sheet will be your header. The header will consist of the identifier for the doc you need to add information to followed by the information you want to change. Example: ^docid^,^exno^
    In this example, TrialDirector would find Document 00001 and apply exhibit number EX001 to that document.
    The Import file must use one of the following text qualifier and delimiter combinations:
    Comma delimited with quote qualifier (",")
    Comma delimited with carat qualifier (^,^)
    Pipe delimited with carat qualifier (^|^)

    What are Valid Field Names for use in the Document Information Load File?

    Valid Header Field Names to identify the document:
    Docid = Document ID
    ItemId = Similar to DocID identifies an exhibit in your case
    Pageid = identifies a page within a document
    Objid = Identifies an exhibit in your case

    Valid Headers for information you are changing about your document:
    Desc/Description = the description in the Document Manager/Case Library
    Trexno/Trialexhibitno = the Trial Exhibit Number field Document Manager/Case Library
    Exno/Exhibitno = the Exhibit Number field in Document Manager/Case Library
    Common/Commonname = the Common Name field in Document Manager

    Can TrialDirector 6 Reside on the Same PC as TrialDirector 5.2?

    Yes! The TrialDirector case database structure is backwards and forwards compatible between version 5.2 and 6

    Can I Open and Use the Same TrialDirector Case in Either TrialDirector 6 or 5.2?

    Yes! One of our design objectives with TrialDirector 6 is to allow users to have both TrialDirector 5.2 and TrialDirector 6 installed on the same PC. Users can then become acquainted with TrialDirector 6 as they continue to work with TrialDirector 5.2.