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Serial Number from a Media

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  • Serial Number from a Media

    Can you automatically add the serial number to a media?

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    Hi Sarai,
    In my opinion, that would depend on your definition of 'automatically'. When a media drive is first connected to Media Manager, it will compare the serial number entered when the media record was created, to the serial number it identifies of the connected drive itself. If there is a mismatch between those two values, the Media Manager application will ask if you would like to replace the current value with the value from the connected drive. You can see in the screen shot that when I created the Media record, I left the serial number blank. Therefore, it will automatically populate this for me if I say Replace.

    Another benefit of this feature is that if the drive has to be re-accessed at a later time, (say 6 months down the road we are asked to process additional data from that drive), if someone plugs in the wrong drive accidentally, they will be alerted that the current serial number doesn't match the new drive that was plugged in and know that it is not the same drive.
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