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MM Self service case selection options

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  • MM Self service case selection options

    Hey guys,
    My users have been using self service religiously now and every time they upload data and select the case, it shows the case name twice, once with (Eclipse) and once with (eCapture). How do they know which case to pick when sending the data through? Is one better than the other or can I lock one down on my end so they don't see it in the interface? The Eclipse one seems to cause the upload to fail with self-service? I don't see the Eclipse options as an administrator. Any input would help. Thanks!
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    Hello Krista,

    When pulling case information, Self Service uses the Enterprise Code name. This means all cases attached to the enterprise code name are presented regardless of product. In this scenario, since eCapture is what Self Service needs to assign project settings (in other words, how to process the data), please have your users select the eCapture project.


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      Thanks Tanner! It seems like since the Eclipse entry in the case screen immediately fails, that that drop down selection should be restricted to only showing the CPE entries that it can possibly use, IE eCapture. Maybe we can put that in as a feature to restrict that entry drop down.


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        Great Idea Krista. We will submit this feature to our Product Management group.