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Mount image pro Forensic file types

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  • Mount image pro Forensic file types

    Mount Image Pro on it's own can read and mount logical image files, however, Ipro does not take advantage of this feature. Can I get an update on when this feature will be supported.

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    Hey Jeff,

    At the moment, you can mount directly using MIP and copy over to disk or network location. From there you can process using eCapture. Media Manager, in code, invokes MIP behind the scenes and mounts the image when streaming. Is your request to have eCapture point directly to an image mounted by MIP?


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      I was hoping that Allegro or streaming workers in ecapture could use MIP to import from the image directly. This would allow for filtering within the image during ingestion.


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        Hi Jeff,

        ADD Media Manager uses MIP to mount forensic images and allows you to select specific directories for Streaming or Standard Discovery. Is this the feature you are looking for or are you looking for something more granular, on a file by file level within a mounted image within Media Manager?


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          Yes, however, it does not support logical images even though MIP on it's own does.