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  • OSFMount

    Ipro eCapture is integrated with Mount Image Pro for forensic file handling. MountImage Pro is a software that requires a license for usage in order to work with eCapture. However, OSFMount is license-free tool shipped with the File Mounting Service and is the alternative tool for mounting forensic images. OSFMount is typically installed on the controller machine and can be found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\IPRO Tech\Services\FileMountingService\OSFMount\x64. You can use this utility to map the forensic image file and copy the content to disk for processing in eCapture.
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    In Past, we had encountered issues with processing forensic images of complete hard drives, which contained "System Volume Information" folder. The discovery job would just get stuck on that folder. hopefully, this is resolved now.
    The workaround we had used was,
    • Mounted the forensic image using OSFMount
    • Assigned a drive letter
    • Created a network share for the drive letter
    • Mapped the same network drive across all workers
    • Created the discovery job pointing to the map network drive.


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      Mount Image Pro on it's own can read and mount logical image files, however, Ipro does not take advantage of this feature. Can I get an update on when this feature will be supported.