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  • Workspace Assignment

    How do I assign IproQ to a workspace?

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    To be more specific, I would like to kick off an IproQ imaging job inside of the workspace.


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      1. Log in to Relativity.
      2. Identify the workspace and the documents with which you will be working (all documents or a saved search). Native files must exist for these documents.
      3. If the needed search does not exist in a particular workspace, define and save the search.
      4. From a workspace: Open the workspace, then select Ipro > Q on the tab strip. The ipro-Q summary page appears (the Q tab).
      5. Click Create Imaging Job.


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        One other thing to note on this, before being able to kick off a job, the Workspace has to be 'Mapped' to an eCapture case. Within the "Workspace Mappings' tab in the Administration section of Relativity, each workspace can be mapped to one or more eCapture cases. This makes it easier to set up several eCapture cases with different Imaging rule sets.and select one when the job is submitted.. Within Workspace Mappings, the Project Mappings section will apply to all Ipro Q Jobs that are submitted. The Single Imaging Project selection will apply to any TOTF jobs submitted within the workspace.

        The Original File Name and File Path Field selections will allow you to pass fielded metadata from Relativity into eCapture for writing onto image placeholders. To apply in eCapture, you will want to set up your custom image placeholder to use the eCapture fields 'Name' (File Name) and 'Location' (File Path) to endorse on the placeholder image.