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How to manually add Project Mappings and Settings to SQL

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  • How to manually add Project Mappings and Settings to SQL

    Sometimes when working with Ipro-Q, working on the Workspace Mappings page can be a less than optimal experience, and adding or adjusting mappings would be best done in SQL. Below is how to adjust these manually. Note that these require some basic SQL knowledge of Relativity and Ipro ADD, so if you are unsure about where to find a specific part of the entry, feel free to contact our support department!

    To add a Project Mapping entry:
    Insert the Artifact ID for the Workspace and the Nucleus Case ID for the eCapture project (found in clientdb.dbo.Projects) into eddsdbo.IproProjectMapping

    To add a Single Imaging Project Entry, Original File Name, Original File Path, or Production Shield:
    See if there is an entry with the Workspace Id in eddsdbo.IproWorkspaceConfiguration, then set the DefaultProjectID (Single Imaging Project) to the desired Nucleus Case ID. The Original File Name, Original File Path, and Production Shield entries both have a name and Artifact ID column - the name column is for display purposes but should match the field name. The Artifact IDs should match the artifact ID of the fields (Original File Name / Original File Path) or the Search (Production Shield).

    To delete a Project Mapping entry:
    Delete from eddsdbo.IproProjectMapping where the Workspace and Project IDs match the ones you want to remove.
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