I was working with a client the other day and we ran into this issue and I thought it would be good to post here in case anyone ever runs into this issue. They were trying to image some documents using Ipro Q, but the jobs kept failing. Normally this would mean that something happened with eCapture, such as a worker failing the tasks or something of that nature, but when we went through the logs eCapture said the job was successful, but didn't actually pick up any tasks related to imaging the documents.

After digging around in some of the other machines I eventually found an error caught by the Event Viewer on the Agent machine for Ipro Q where there was a function it was trying to call that it couldn't find. The full function name is "eddsdbo.fn_xmlStringToIntTable" and can be found in the Relativity database for the workspace under the functions folder. Well what I mean is it should be there, but in this case it wasn't.

The solution to this was rather simple: use a working workspace and 'Modify' its 'eddsdbo.fn_xmlStringToIntTable' and 'eddsdbo.fn_xmlStringToInt Table' functions, but instead of changing anything about how the function worked we just changed the first line (which is the USE and then the database name) so that it would apply to the database missing the fucntion(s) and then ran it.

In case anyone else is running into issues with jobs not running and eCapture not reporting any errors, you can always check out the agent servers Event Viewer and see if it picked up anything as well!