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Ipro Q Staging databases in SQL

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  • Ipro Q Staging databases in SQL

    I've gotten a few questions lately regarding Ipro Q productions and the staging databases it creates in SQL. These databases work similar to the way the do in Eclipse. When a production is run, the database is created to store all information for the production. This includes the image links, load file properties and fields to be included, OCR text population, etc. Once the production is finished and loaded back into Relativity, the staging database will remain around. The databases in SQL are named after the Relativity database name, beginning with EDDS, and then will have a date hash following the EDDS number. An example would be: 'EDDS1019761_20161212D111215_01'

    Once everything for the production is confirmed, the database can be deleted by removing the production record from the IproQ Queue. Open the job, and you can delete from the interface, this will remove the staging database in SQL as well.