SQL Error Logging

ipro-Q provides debugging and error logging in SQL. If you encounter problems with ipro-Q that are not identified/solved using the previous procedures and you have appropriate SQL experience (see the following note), complete the following procedure to turn on ipro-Q debugging and review resulting error details.

CAUTION! The following information is intended only for experienced administrators with Microsoft SQL knowledge and experience.
Only administrators with a strong understanding of SQL and experience working in SQL database tables should perform the following procedure. Administrators without this background may unintentionally corrupt

Relativity databases.

1. In SQL Server Management Studio or a similar tool, locate the Relativity EDDS database.
2. In the list of EDDS tables, locate and open the eddsdbo.Configuration table.
3. In the list of table entries, locate the Ipro LogLevel section.
4. In the IproLogLevel Value field, enter one of the following values. Each value represents a logging level; levels provide messages of increasing severity and higher levels will include messages from lower levels.

Value Description
0 All (log all details)
1 Trace
2 Debug
4 Info
8 Warn
16 Error
32 Fatal
64 Turn logging off (default setting)

5. Logging begins once a level is set to a value other than 64. To view error/debug information, open the eddsdbo.IproErrorLog table in the EDDS database.