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How to firewall a user from a specific case?

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  • How to firewall a user from a specific case?

    Does anyone know how to firewall a specific user from a specific case?


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    shuang ,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    By default, when a user is created they do not have any group and thus permission assignments. I would see if the user(s) you'd like to restrict from a case were not already accidentally added to a group that has permission to access the restricted case. Sometimes it helps me to convey an answer through example, so here's a basic mock scenario for reference:

    • You have two cases: "Apple" and "Orange"
    • Besides the built-in Super Admin role (group), you created the security group "Reviewers" and assigned it and its subsequent permissions to both cases previously and it works fine.
    • You now have a new user, an external reviewer, who should only see the case "Apple".

    In this mock scenario, you would not want to add the user to "Reviewers" nor modify the "Reviewers" group as it would interfere with current users functioning in the cases. What would work best would be to create a new group [1], say "Reviewers 2" or "External Reviewers", give it the necessary permissions [2], add the user to the group [3], and lastly add the group to the case along side "Reviewers" [4] . Note: You can have as many groups and users in a group as you want as well as assign as many groups as you want to a case, just in case you were concerned about limitations like this.

    Here are a couple links to our newer MyIpro Help Center that will give you more precise instruction on setting up security groups. The numbers in brackets above correspond with the link below.


    Please let us know if you have any other questions or issues.
    ​​​​​​​Andrew Coody
    Technical Support Engineer