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TAR Categories Not Automatically Created

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  • TAR Categories Not Automatically Created


    In the past, when running TAR using Content Analyst, I had to rebuild TAR categories before creating validation batches. Is this still the case in Ipro Analytics?

    We are now running a new TAR project using Ipro Analytics, and trying to figure out how to rebuild categories, as I do not see the categories created under Analytics.
    My understanding is that TAR categories are supposed to be created automatically when the TAR project is created.

    Documentation still mentions rebuilding categories as part of the workflow, so unless it's a documentation error, it appears I'm encountering a technical issue.

    We are on 2018.6.0.

    Takashi K.

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    Hi Takashi,

    Sorry for the confusion. I can imagine reading the documentation you'd get a bit confused. When using Ipro Analytics you don't need to create categories anymore those will be automatically created. It is indeed a documentation error. If you need further help to get through this portion of your TAR project please submit a ticket so we can help you in a timely manner. Additionally, we do have the which is available online without a sign in. It will have some information on TAR as well, but may also have that content analytics discrepancy. Please let me know if you need more information.


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      I can elaborate some more on this to help you out Takashi. When using Ipro Analytics, both the Cluster and Categories you are familiar with in Content Analyst are now handled behind the scenes in the Analytics index you are using. Because of this, you no longer have to worry about managing your category rebuilds. Simply check in the batch as completed once you are done with each round and that will automatically run the numbers similar to how rebuilding the category worked in Content Analyst.


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        Thank you, William and Michael. Good to know.