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Guidelines for Migrating from Relativity to Eclipse

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  • Guidelines for Migrating from Relativity to Eclipse

    Are there existing guidelines for migrating from Relativity to Eclipse? If no guidelines, then any particular issues that should be considered before migration? Thanks very much.

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    Apologies for the delayed response. Simplest way to approach migration

    1. Export from Relativity to disk ( Example: C:\Relativity Export)
    2. Create your case in Eclipse.
    3. Import to Eclipse Case.

    Any particular issues we've seen originate under security / environment / permissions at an OS level but nothing outside of that.
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      Going from relativity to Eclipse please keep in mind that some data may not convert to Eclipse specifically. Use a .DAT load file for metadata, natives, and extracted text. Use an .LFP load file for Images. When creating cases I recommend using the load files generated from a workspace as a template for creating a case. You can create a case from a load file using Eclipse Admin. This will at minimum quickly create a base for your case to modify.