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  • Email logo attachments

    I am using Native Ingestion to ingest documents containing mostly emails and their attachments. When I do this, I also get the email logo attachments etc that I do not want. These are jpegs. I cannot, however, select to exclude jpegs from the download because there are many pictures which are attached to the emails in jpeg format. Do you have any suggestions on how I could avoid including these in the download. Unfortunately, simply deleting these after the download is not an option because my lawyer doesn't like breaks in the page numbering.

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    Within eCapture,
    Try unchecking the Embedded Files > Images as well as Treat email inline images as attachments on the Discovery Options > General Tab
    Also uncheck Extract Email inline images on the Streaming Discovery Options > Discovery Options tab.

    The only possible downfall is if there is an embedded image in the body of the email, you would have to re-image the email to a large enough size paper to include the whole image. For Lotus Notes, that sometimes means 17 x 22 or larger.


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      You could also find them and delete them from Eclipse directly, before you produce. IPRO Support correct me if I'm wrong, deleting them before producing would still allow the families to be produced with the remaining records, while renumbering them for production would allow the numbering to be consecutive as your attorney doesn't want gaps.
      Which a disclaimer for this is: if the email images and it lists the name of the jpeg you are deleting as an attachment, you may have to explain to opposing, etc. the reason the specific attachment was not produced.


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        You mentioned native ingestion, by chance are you talking about using Eclipse SE Native Ingestion? If you are, you'll want to post in the Eclipse SE forum. Assuming you are using the cloud product you could follow Stephen moore's advice that'll get you the result you'd need. When your attorney says they don't like gaps, do you mean gaps in the production numbering itself or just gaps in the database?


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          Sorry. I worked on a few Ipro products for this project. I did try using Native Ingestion to ingest the emails, but I continued to get the logo attachments (and there were MANY - nearly tripled the document number). Generally I don't like to use Native ingestion in Eclipse SE because of the number suffixing. We number our production documents - including pages - consecutively and that is not an option in Native Ingestion. If anything I usually use Ingest Images for that reason. What I ended up doing is ingesting them natively in eScan-IT, removing the attachments, then renumbering the batch. The problem with that is that the email attached some logos in some version of htm that I was not listed in the project options - filters. Once the program reached these htm files it just froze and refused to continue. Needless to say, this was very time consuming and I'm wondering if there was an easier way to handle this. (I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but these were emails from the Netherlands and they use software versions that are slightly different or older than what we use in these emails.)


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            I do have a question on this. Are you able to open those attachments if you open the native file that contains them? I am wondering if the attachment itself is missing and doesn't fully exist.


            Matt Weber
            Technical Support Engineer


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              Somtimes I can see them, and sometimes I can't. I tried removing the attachments prior to ingesting, but the attachments that I couldn't see, obviously I couldn't. One three-page thread might have had a total of 12 attachments.


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                Hello Mr. Wilkinson,

                If you have the Eclipse SE Streaming Module, there is an option with native ingestion in the latest version (2018.0.0) to ignore Inline Images.
                Please make sure you have "Extract Inline Images" unchecked if you do not want images inside of emails. This will keep the email attachments and any image outside of the body of the email.
                If this option is grayed out for you, then either you have not selected a client ID/Case in the native ingestion screen or you don't have the streaming module.

                Best Regards,

                Nick Hadder
                Technical Support Engineer