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Unhandled exception error

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  • Unhandled exception error

    First off I'm completely new to the Eclipse world
    I work in IT and we have a litigation department who uses it. one of our users keeps getting an unhandled exception error when trying to go to the eclipse website. I noticed as soon as you make contact with the site it wants to run what I believe is an addon. ( tested this on other machines ) he is the only one who cannot access. Is there some where I can rip out this Ipro addon that wants to run? so we can force it to reinstall? its not listed in his IE addons. and it shows nothing in the application log

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    who would I reach out to about an issue with a user getting an error when trying to get to the login page of discovery?
    I know there something that runs that's handled by Ipro before you can login


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      What sort of error are you getting?


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        when the user goes to the site, it attempts to load the files to show the Ipro logo with the login credential requirement below, but instead it ends up with a unhandled exception occurred, and the application is terminating, for more information, see your application log. Exception detail: an error occurred while sending the request. ( there's no info in the log )
        So far I have ran IE with no add-ons, cleared cached files and save login info, how ever I can run IE with my admin account and it does not error out. I noticed there is something that runs soon as you connect to the website that is Ipro. I'm thinking this is corrupt possibly and needs to be reinstalled. if its possible.


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          Hi nrshort80,

          This error is typically resolved by closing all IE windows and running the following command in Command Prompt:

          rundll32 dfshim CleanOnlineAppCache

          Give this a shot. You mentioned you cleared the cache already; but this method is the most reliable way we know. If this doesn’t do the trick, please give us a call at 877 324 4776 or email to create a support ticket.

          Tanner Comes
          Escalation Engineer