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Enterprise Imaging from Eclipse Web - Graphic files are not converting to 300 DPI and Set Page Size

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  • Enterprise Imaging from Eclipse Web - Graphic files are not converting to 300 DPI and Set Page Size

    I'm seeing Image files such as jpg being copied from the natives when they are sent through Enterprise Imaging instead of converting to expected size and dpi.
    When Imaging, I would think that the native would be converted to 300 DPI and set to the page size per imaging settings.

    I've received the feedback of small images to reprocess with Stellant to get the Whitespace around them and the correct size, however, I'm seeing it with larger images where the page size might be close but the DPI is still at 72dpi.
    When production occurs the bates label is messed up.

    Eclipse Version: 18.5.13711.1
    Ecapture: 2018.5.2

    Is any one else having the same issue?
    Does anyone know what I can try for settings adjustments? Or do I really have to re-image all Graphics with Stellant in QC Module after Enterprise Imaging is done?
    If I'm missing something in documentation regarding this, please point that out by providing which document and relevant page. I've been looking and can't find anything specific to this.

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    Stephen, I did some checking and didn't find any reports of this. I don't immediately have an environment of the versions you mentioned, but I did test on the most recent and I'm not seeing the behavior you're describing.

    I would recommend giving Support a call to take a look at it directly. Could be that I've got a setting different and we could reproduce with matching settings.


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      Hi Stephen,

      your guess is absolutely correct, it has something to with print drivers. It is old underlying issue. Now days I don't even bother to investigate their DPIs. I run a quick QC and just re-process(Stellant) it.