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Question regarding field "StellentPSTDiscovery" in table DiscoveryJobs

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  • Question regarding field "StellentPSTDiscovery" in table DiscoveryJobs

    What does Field "StellentPSTDiscovery" in table DiscoveryJobs represents? What does both the values 1 and 0 have impact on the discovery jobs?

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    Hi Milind. This field determines what method is used for PST discovery. 0 means that it is using MAPI, and 1 means that it is using Stellent. This is used when you see errors for discovery on PST's, though often the error reported for switching can indicate bad data. It's still a good idea to switch this if you are receiving errors. Please be aware that switching this option will change the method across your eCapture projects and clients, and not just the single one.


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      Hi Nigel,

      Thank you for your response.

      Could you provide more details in below regards:

      1. What is the default value (1 or 0) that eCapture takes while setting up the job?
      In our scenario, we are seeing this value to be set as 1 on setting up new discovery job.

      2. Where can I update this value for entire project so that I need not go and change value for each Discovery Job?

      3. Also, what is the recommended setting MAPI (0) or Stellent(1) ? Which one gives better results in terms of extraction of files along with its metadata?

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