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Can I blow away the original Mail Stores

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  • Can I blow away the original Mail Stores

    After doing an ADD Streaming Discovery Job, Can I blow away the original Mail Stores and still be good on, Eclipse Review, Enterprise Imaging and Producing Natives?
    If not, what are they still used for after they are processed and in Review?

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    Hi Stephen,

    When you say original Mail Stores, are you talking about the source data folder the data was processed from or volume that the data was imported from? Or are you talking about the PEDDProfiles on the eCapture workers?


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      If I were a betting man, which I am, I would bet that Stephen you meant the original mail stores in the source directory. The only reason you would need to keep these around is: Modifying discovery Jobs, post processing in eCapture, or QC. The extracted messages do reside in the eCapture Client directory and these emails are ultimately used for imaging and production out of Review. You don't need to keep the original mail stores around.


      • Stephen Moore
        Stephen Moore commented
        Editing a comment
        Yes, Michael. You win the bet. Sorry for my delayed response, I'm not getting the notifications like I should when someone responds/writes on here. My Companies Email Filters block them.