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Photo Metadata - Not all is posting to Eclipse Web

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  • Photo Metadata - Not all is posting to Eclipse Web

    eCapture QC Module is showing that the following fields have values, they are also available to export using export settings and overlays.
    However, they do not actually export or move to review during the overlay process. The values in the .DLF are empty for these 2 fields.
    File type: .jpg

    The fields are:


    I've tried changing the format of the field they go into in Eclipse, starting with Fixed Length (255) Unicode, DateTime, and Fixed Length (255) ASCII
    What format does the field need to be in, in Eclipse Admin to allow it to export from eCapture to Review?

    eCapture Controller: 2018.5.2
    Eclipse Web: 2018.5.1

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    Hi Stephen,

    How is the field mapped from eCapture to eclipse in the export settings? You can add the field to the export, but by default it won't be mapped. When the export finishes does the load file have the fields in it?


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      The fields are mapped in the export settings. the load file does have the fields but they are blank values when it should not be blank.


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        If the fields are mapped and the data has values in QC there may be something more going on It seems like it's not giving the expected results and requires further investigation. I recommend giving us a call at (877) 324-4776 or (602) 324-4780 to get some more help on this issue or go to to fill out a support ticket.