We recently released a patch for Ipro Analytics Email Threading that resolves the following issues:
  1. Existing images could be overwritten in the Review database when an Export Series Overlay from the Processing module was generated to load additional metadata fields.
  2. Document images created with “Tiff-on-the-fly” option in Review, which were also included in a Production from would output as .PNG rather than .JPG\.PDF.
  3. During Processing, the extraction of PDF Portfolio files attached to e-mail could cause improper family member identification resulting in a duplicate insertion error.
NOTE: This is only for environments that are currently on 2018.6.0

To apply the patch follow the steps below:
1. Download the patch from https://myipro.iprotech.com (Located under Software > Downloads and it is labeled eCapture Ipro 2018.6.0.0 Cloud
2. Unzip the download and save the eCapture 2018.6.0.2 Patch.exe to a network share that is accessible by the workers (We recommend the same file server that is used to hold client data for processing
3. Launch any eCapture controller
4 Once the eCapture controller loads, Click “Tools” > “Worker Patch Management”
5. Click “Select Worker Patch Install” and navigate to the patch on the network
6. Once Selected, Close the Worker Maintenance Window
7. Re-open the Worker Patch Management and click “Queue Worker Restart Tasks”
You will see the workers go into a restarting status and then a status of "Software update"
This status will remain for about 5 minutes, once the worker has been patched it will go back to a ready status
The version the worker(s) will show as 18.6.61017.1536 when they have been upgrade

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to support.