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Clarification on the use of File Type and File Extension criteria in the eCapture Flex Processor

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  • Clarification on the use of File Type and File Extension criteria in the eCapture Flex Processor

    When using either File Type or File Extension criteria when configuring rules in the Flex Processor, it is important to note that these criteria will not yield the expected results when used simultaneously within the same rule. For example, creating a placeholder rule for "Microsoft Excel" and "Spreadsheet" File Types while also adding .XLS, .XLSX to the File Extensions list in the same rule will not result in the intended placeholder application for these document types. You will see that your Workers are indeed processing these files as if they are included in a standard process rule when you know they should be placeholdered. Including both criteria in the same rule actually creates a criteria conflict in the application and it will appear that the specified document types do not adhere to this rule.

    It is recommended best practice to keep File Type criteria and File Extension criteria separated into different rules. You can simply create 2 rules for the same action/scope that use either criteria, but never both. Keep this in mind if you notice that certain document types selected for a specific action in your Flex Processor are not adhering to this action during data extract/processing.

    Another thing to remember, you can always use the 'Apply Rules' button at the top of the Controller prior to running these jobs as this will only apply your rules to provide a preliminary estimated item count per effective rule (this does not take dedupe counts into affect as deduplication is performed on the fly). Once the rule application is completed, you can then run reports on your job confirm the accuracy of your Flex Processor rules (Flex Processor Results Summary). With this functionality you can keep adjusting these rules for the same job as you see fit until you are comfortable with the numbers and ready to proceed processing.

    P.S. CSV filetypes are identified as StellentID 4022 (plain text) and are NOT considered to be Spreadsheet file types within the Flex Processor.