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Managing Files in the Integration Directory

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  • Managing Files in the Integration Directory

    If you notice your integration directory is taking up a lot of disk space, you can use the below information to help you free up space from that directory.

    The two primary directories within the integration directory - EI and EP - are used for Enterprise Imaging jobs or Eclipse Productions, respectively. Data is organized in directories based on EnterpriseJobId, from the EnterpriseJobs table.

    Generally, EP is safer to clean up for disk space issues, specifically OCR jobs related to completed productions. Below is a SQL query that will queue up these directories for deletion, then you can just run the DeletionAgent.exe or allow it to run on its normal schedule as part of Queue Manager.

    Author: Tanner
    Date Created:  12/28/2017
    Product: eCapture
    Version: 2017.4.0
    Description: Queues completed Enterprise OCR Job directories for deletion.
        1. Run against eCapture Configuration Database after jobs have completed
        2. Run the deletion agent, located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipro Tech\eCapture\QueueManager\DeletionAgent.exe
    INSERT FileSystemDeletionQueue (Path, ItemType)
    SELECT ProductionWorkingDirectory, 0
    FROM EnterpriseJobs EJ
    INNER JOIN JobStatuses JS
           ON JS.JobStatusID = EJ.JobStatusID 
           AND EJ.JobType = 2 --Ent OCR
    WHERE JS.Status = 5 --Complete
    Additionally, any text files located in the EI sub-directories can generally safely be deleted, as they are part of the automatic OCR process that occurs during an enterprise imaging job (and most likely are not needed).
    Ipro Employee