Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2015.2.0 release of ipro-Q™.
This release introduces ipro-Q™ for seamless integration between Ipro processing and Relativity® by kCura® review on the ADD Automated Digital Discovery® platform. ipro-Q efficiently creates images and OCR from the native files in your cases. Imaging and OCR jobs are efficiently processed and seamlessly added to your Relativity cases, allowing you to leverage the power and performance of Ipro processing even if you are using Relativity.


ADD Image Documents – Send selected documents from Relativity to Ipro eCapture for mass imaging using an imaging template; automatically load them back to Relativity.
Single-Document Imaging – If you are working in the Relativity viewer and a document lacks an image file but does have a native file, the Image with Ipro button can be used to image a single document.

ADD OCR – Send documents from Relativity to Ipro eCapture for OCR; OCR text is automatically added into a specified field.