How to Authorize & Refill a Dongle in Copy+

The following guide is intended to instruct users on the process of Copy+ dongle refilling and authorization.

NOTE: This guide was made using Copy+ version 6.3.3. Older versions may differ slightly.

1. Open Copy+ and select the 'Admin' button from the toolbar, as shown below.

2. From the 'Admin Menu' select the 'Authorize' button, as shown below.

3. The ‘Telephone Authorize IPROTech Dongle’ utility will open. Select File > Telephone Authorize Dongleas shown below.

4. You will be provided with the IPRO Support phone # to call. Please call in and click ‘OK’ as shown below.

5. The IPRO representative will ask for your serial # and remaining dongle clicks. This information is presented as shown below.

6. Once you have given the IPRO representative the serial # and remaining clicks you may click the ‘Proceed’button. The next screen, shown below, will supply an ‘Authorization Value’. The IPRO representative will ask for this value.

Once the IPRO representative says that they have the ‘Registration Code’ for you, click the ‘OK’ button to proceed.

7. Enter the ‘Registration Code’ supplied by the IPRO representative and click ‘OK’ as shown below.

8. After clicking ‘OK’ from the screen above you should be provided with a “Successful Dongle Update”message as shown below. If unsuccessful the process may need to be restarted. This may occur if one of the values was entered incorrectly.