The following guide is a step-by-step process for configuring the Batch Print feature in IPRO Classic Suite. Specific settings and configuration will vary by environment / network / device, which is beyond the scope of this guide.

This guide was made using IPRO Classic Suite 8.6 SP6. Other versions may differ.

For additional information please refer to the "IPROPrintModule86.pdf" document, or call IPRO Support at 1-877-324-4776.

Configure Batch Print Directories

1) From the IPRO Suite Launcher select Configure and Load > Configuration Program > Settings > Set Directory Paths (System Level) > Set Batch Print Directories > Select an entry and click the "Update Directory Path" button, as shown below.

2) In the "Directory Path" field point to folder that will be used to send & retrieve batch print files. All users/systems that will be batch printing should have full permissions to this directory. Set a name for the directory in the"Descriptive Name" field and click the "OK" button.

NOTE: The above settings are SYSTEM LEVEL and will apply for all installation of the IPRO Suite once configured from any system. You can configure up to 60 directories to be used for batch printing.

Configuring Batch Printers
The steps below are to be applied from each system/installation of the IPRO Suite that will be configured to retrieve the batch print files from the batch print directories and send them to a printer. Each batch printer is configured to retrieve batch print files from a single batch print directory, configured from the previous section of this guide.

1) From a system designated to function as a batch printer, open the IPRO Suite and select Production > IPRO Print, as shown below.

2) Select File > Batch Print Directory, as shown below.

3) Click the Folder icon, as shown below, to open the list of available batch print directories.

4) Select the batch print directory that you want this system to retrieve batch print files from > Click the "OK" button, as shown below.

5) From IPRO Print select File > Print Options > Choose a 'Printer Type' > 'Setup' button > 'Current Printer' > Select. From the dropdown list select the printer you want this system to batch print to, as shown below.

NOTE: For additional information on the Printer Options please refer to the "IPROPrintModule86.pdf" document.

Printing a Batch

Once any workstations have printed to a batch directory there are two ways the batch can be printed. You can either select that batch manually when you want to print it, or you can configure the batch printer to "Auto Poll", which will automatically print anything in the batch print directory as it comes in. Follow the steps below on a system configured as a Batch Printer.

1) To print a batch manually open the IPRO Suite on the batch printer, select Production > IPRO Print > File > Single Batch > Select a batch from the list and click the "OK" button, as shown below (left). The Batch Print Processing Window will appear, as shown below (right).

2) To have the batch printer automatically retrieve and print batches, select File > Auto Poll from the IPRO Print window. The window below will appear and will continually retrieve and print all batch print files sent to the configured directory.

Printing to a Batch Printer

1) From IPRO View go to File > Print > Printer Type > Submit to Batch Printer, select the Batch Printer and click the "Print" button, as shown below.

2) Input Batch Routing Instructions as desired into the window shown below. This information will appear on theBanner Page (the first page to be printed when the batch printer processes the batch) and is also viewable by the batch printer prior to printing the batch.

Click "OK" to send the job to the batch printer.