How to Load & Register a License in Classic Suite

The following guide is intended to instruct users on the process of IPRO Classic Suite Registration.

NOTE: This guide was made using Classic Suite version 8.6 SP6. Older versions may differ slightly.

1. Open the “loadauth.exe” utility found in the installation directory of the Suite, shown below. By default this directory is C:\Program Files\IPRO Tech\Suite or, if you are on a 64-bit OS, C:\Program Files (x86)\IPRO Tech\Suite.

2. If you have not yet loaded your authorization file, or if you have been provided with a new one, select File > Load Authorization File as shown below. If you have already loaded your authorization file and just need to register it you may skip to Step 8 in this guide.

3. Browse to the location of your authorization file. By default this file is named “IPROAUTH.SY_”. Select your authorization file and click ‘Open’ as shown below.

4. You will be prompted with a screen to “Enter System Directory Path”, shown below. The System Directory path, or “System Path” for short, is where your registered authorization file will be generated. You can place it anywhere, but if multiple computers will be using this authorization you must ensure they all have full permissions to this directory.

5. After specifying a System Directory in the previous step you will be presented with the ‘View Authorization Info’ screen, shown below. This screen will provide you with all the licensing information from the“IPROAUTH.SY_” that you opened.

!! REVIEW THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY !! – Ensure the “Max Users” and number of specific “IMS Modules” are correct for your location. If these values do not appear correct then you may have selected an old/incorrect authorization file and you should NOT install it. Confirm with IPRO Support that the “Registration Number” displayed on this screen matches your current authorization on file for your location.

If this is the correct authorization file you may click the “Install Authorization Disk” button.

6. After clicking “Install Authorization Disk” you should be presented with the screen below which is used to create the System Administrator User ID and Password. It defaults to ADMIN and PASSWORD, but you may specify a different set of credentials.

These credentials will be used to log in to the Suite after the authorization file has been loaded. Other user credentials can be created at that time.

7. You should be presented with an “Authorization Successful” message as well as a notification window reminding you to register within 7 days, as shown below.

8. With the authorization file successfully loaded go back to the main “Authorize IPRO Tech Software” utility (loadauth.exe) and select File > Telephone registration, as shown below.

9. Call in to IPRO Support using the phone # provided. You will be asked for your Serial # and Serial Key, as shown below. The IPRO representative will provide you with the “Registration Value” to enter at the bottom of the screen.

10. Once you have entered the “Registration Value” you may click the “Install Registration Value” button. You should be provided with a “Successful Update” window, as shown below.