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The following specifications referenced are a general outline for a typical environment. Faster processors and larger amounts of physical memory (RAM) is always a benefit. Network connectivity, network traffic, database size, storage speed and other factors may affect performance evaluations.

Ipro Classic Suite-IT Overview
The Ipro Classic Suite uses workstations, servers, printers, and other devices. The components you license determine what hardware you must set up and configure.
The hardware configurations may vary based on the unique requirements of your desktop operating system.

Ipro Classic Suite Diagram

Power Protection
All systems should have a surge protector to guard hardware against spikes and other power problems. Servers should also have battery backups to prevent data corruption due to power loss. The power protection devices should be checked regularly for proper operation to ensure continued hardware protection.

Temporary File Space
Many Ipro Classic Suite components create temporary files during processing and delete the files when processing is complete. In particular, the Ipro OCR module can generate up to 9 GB of temporary files during processing. These temporary files are written to the temporary/working directory specified under Settings > Set Workstation Paths in the Ipro Tech Configuration program menu. If the temporary directory is on a network, make sure your network's operating system is not set to automatically save deleted files; the accumulation of unwanted files can seriously affect performance for all users on the network.

Network Adapters, Hubs, and Switches
All systems should use the Integrated Intel Gibabit Network Adapter (NIC) (10/100/1000). File servers or systems that run Ipro iNet will experience better performance using "server" adapters, which use an onboard processor to reduce system CPU usage by the network. Hubs and switches should support 100 Mbps GB network transmission speeds.

Terminal Services / Citrix
As far as terminal services and Citrix, please consult your IT department as an evaluation of how many sessions they want to allow and adjust the machine appropriately based upon the given hardware specs.

Ipro Tech Hardware Requirements
Consider the number of users, amount of data, and the activity level of your projects when configuring Ipro Classic Suite. Higher processor speeds and extra memory are best for running an efficient system.

File Server
The File Server needs enough storage for the images and databases; the application programs are less than 250 MB total. The network bandwidth should be at least a GB switch, properly segmented. Depending upon the number of users and types of files, an organization could be moving many images around the wire at a given time.

Ipro Authorization Server
Ipro Authorization manages the licensing and provides a method of validation for the Ipro Classic Suite products.
A dongle is required if the Ipro Authorization Server does not have Internet access or if usage-based version of either Ipro Premium Scan or Ipro V-Code will be used.
A dongle is not required if the Authorization Server has Internet access or if non usage-based versions of either Ipro Premium Scan or Ipro V-Code will be used.

Please see the Ipro Authorization Installation Guide for additional details and procedures.
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