The following guide is intended to instruct users on the steps involved in uploading the additions (Annotations, Redactions, Tags, Boundary Flags, OCR Text and Folder Descriptions) made from an iPublish project / CD back in to the original IPRO Suite project. This can be an effective workflow for providing the ability to reviewers to work on projects remotely and then integrate their additions back in to the local project.

This guide assumes the reader has already generated an iPublish project/CD.

1) From the opened iPublish project select Tools > Export Image Information > IPRO LFP File

2) UNCHECK "Export Page/Image Info" > select your other export options as desired > click Start

This is important to ensure we do not overwrite the existing Suite project images upon importing the LFP file.

3) From the main Suite Launcher select Configure and Load > IPRO Tech Utility > Import > IPRO LFP File

4) Click the browse button for the "Import File" path and point to the LFP file we exported from the iPublish project, then select Import.