Download PDF: MyIpro Burst License Ordering Instruction Guide.pdf

1 Login

2 Choose Software Menu

3 Choose Licenses

4 Click the Add Licenses button

4.1 Populating the Add Licenses Screen
From the Add Licenses screen, do the following:
 Select the location
 Select the serial number
 Select the product
 Enter the number of burst licenses needed
 Select the burst license duration. Note: The expiration date/time is shown at the bottom of the window.
 Click the Review Order button to display the order details.

4.2 Placing the License Order
Click the Place Order button. (Note: Click the Cancel button to clear the order and make modifications, if necessary.)
Upon notification, CSR will process the bill and send a confirmation email after you place the order.

5 Remote Updating
After receiving the confirmation email, you must do a “Remote Update” to apply the licenses to your system. Otherwise if the remote update is not done, the license/licenses is/are added automatically within 24 hours the next time your system reports in to Ipro.
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