How to filter thumbs.db files from eCapture jobs

Applies to: eCapture
Version: All

Thumbs.db files are indexes used by Windows for folders set to display icons for files. It generally does not contain any useful information.
Setting the below filtering rules may result in other document types being filtered from the job as well. It should only be used if the data set does not contain other valid files of this type.

Possible resolution 1
  1. In eCapture Controller, in the Client Management tree view, expand client to which the job belongs and click the project (case).
  2. In the Status and Summary pane, click View/Modify Settings.
  3. For standard discovery, processing, or data extract jobs:
    1. On the Options for Case (Project) CASENAME window, click the Filtering tab.
    2. Click New Rule Wizard.
    3. On the New Rule Wizard window, in the File Types area, expand Unknown and click Compound Document.
    4. Click Next > four times.
    5. In the Rule Title field, enter a name for the filter rule.
    6. From the Action field, click Remove.
    7. Click Next.
    8. Click Finish.
    9. Click OK.
  4. For streaming discovery jobs:
    1. On the Options for Case (Project) CASENAME window, click the Streaming Discovery Options tab.
    2. Click the Filtering Options tab.
    3. In the File Types/Extensions area, expand Unknown and click to deselect the Compound Document checkbox.
    4. Click OK​​​​​​​.