"System.Exception: Error occurred on processing the OFFICE document: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Source file does not exist" error in eCapture Worker log file

Applies to: eCapture, Eclipse
Version: 2017.3.3

While troubleshooting general processing errors, such as those from an enterprise imaging job, the following error may be recorded in the eCapture Worker log files.
System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Ipro.eCapture.ecProcess.Common.ExceptionData]: System.Exception: Error occurred on processing the Power Point document: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Source file does not exist.

Possible resolution 1
Ensure that the path related to the failing job is accessible from all eCapture Workers. To do this, verify that the exact path used for the job opens successfully when copied into Windows Explorer on the Worker.

Note: One of the more common causes for the path being inaccessible is that the job uses a mapped drive rather than the full UNC path, and that path is not mapped on the Worker(s) or is mapped using a different drive letter. For example, the path may be Z:\Incoming Data Directory\MYCASE\, but on the Worker, the Z: drive may not exist, or this network location may be mapped to the Y: drive instead.
Possible resolution 2
Verify that the case name does not contain special characters. In recent versions of Eclipse and eCapture, the applications restrict case names from containing characters that would be invalid in a Windows file path, but older applications may have allowed this; Eclipse and eCapture may attempt to use the case name for creating directories.