"Unexpected error: quitting" error after processing each document in a batch in eScan-IT
Applies to: eScan-IT
Version: 2015.0.2

While processing a batch of documents, after each document is processed, an error occurs: Unexpected error: quitting. After clicking OK on the error, the processing will continue, but the error appears for every document.
If other Ipro applications are installed on this workstation then they will need to be repaired at the end of this process.

Possible resolution 1
  1. Close all Ipro applications on the workstation.
  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files.
  3. Right click the Ipro Tech directory and click Rename.
  4. Edit the folder name to Ipro Tech_OLD.
  5. Locate and run the Setup.exe eScan-IT installation file
  6. When prompted by the installation wizard, select Repair and follow the prompts to repair the eScan-IT software.
  7. Re-open eScan-IT and attempt to process the document batch again.