How to export tag information from an Eclipse case
Applies to: Eclipse
Version: All

Although metadata for documents can be exported from the case pane, tag information cannot be included in the case table. However, the Privileged Report can be edited to include all metadata fields as well as tag information.

Possible resolution 1
Edit the Privileged Report to include the needed metadata and tag groups, then run the report through Eclipse Web.
  1. In Eclipse Admin, from the Case Management menu, click Case Management.
  2. From the Managing Client field select the managing client to which the case belongs.
  3. In the Case list, click the appropriate case.
  4. Click the Reports tab.
  5. In the report list, for the Privileged Report, click the Edit icon.
  6. In the Available Fields list, select the metadata fields to be added to the report, then click >.
    Note: Tag group information is near the end of the list.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In Eclipse Web, open the appropriate case.
  9. On the Case View pane click Reports.
  10. On the Privileged Report window, select the checkboxes for the tags/tag groups to be included in the report, then click OK.
  11. The report is generated in Internet Explorer. To export, ensure Export to Excel is selected in the lower-left field and click Run.