******** If you come across errors not listed below, please feel free to edit the article and the new message with definition********
Password Protected file/archive is password protected
System.Exception: No root folders returned. Primarily relates to email.
A PST is either empty, contains no message or folders, or is corrupt.
Container Detection Failure. When eCapture finds a metadata field within a document that might indicate an attachment or embedded object, but fails to extract anything from the document.
File in archive is password protected One or more files in a container/collection are password protected.
Container Level Exception: Could not clear target directory blackice print driver error that is data-specific
Container Level Exception: Validation detected 28 password protected files out of a total of 29 files to extract This error occurs when, in Queue Manager Config, the `Allowed Password Protected Percentage` is lower than the default of 100%.
Container Level:Failure determining attachment namefor attachment x Commonly associated with junk data containing unrecognizable file extensions that cannot be processed by eCapture.
Item Level Discovery Error: System.Exception any item that has errors will throw system.exception
Item Level Discovery Error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied windows user or server does not have proper permissions to the specified directory/path
Item Level Discovery Error: Error calculating MD5 Hash: System.IO.FileNotFoundException error hashing msg file that could not be extracted to the path in question (unextractable file) or has since been moved
Item Level Discovery Error: System.Exception: System.IO.IOException: The system cannot find the file specified. Error that can occur on long-running exports and similar to a timeout but the process has not timed out.
Item Level Discovery Error: System.IO.IOException: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. this error can be present for items failing discovery, resulting in an unknown item (StellentID -20)
Worker {name}: DetectContainer: System.Exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. error resulting from clicking 'print' multiple times before the document is downloaded for printing.
Worker {name}: Error extracting file error pointing to corrupt or non-supported native filetypes
A table in this document has become corrupted. This is a generic processing error. It could have occurred during processing of Lotus Notes, Outlook, or possibly MS Word files, caused by preparation or manipulation of the table within the document according to eCapture processing options or preparation for printing.
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. This is a generic code-related error that could occur for a number of reasons. It indicates the code tried to access a portion of memory that was reserved for another object in memory.
Cannot edit UI document for printing. This error is normally related to Lotus Notes emails, indicating some kind of protection or lock on email which is preventing it from being opened and prepared for printing by eCapture.
Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program. An eCapture process was halted by the operating system. This is a randomly-occurring error related to code-protection methods; the document can likely be requeued successfully.
Data extraction timed out. This is a generic timeout error that occurred during Data Extract on an item. The timeout could be related to an inactive or unresponsive task, or a very large file.
Failed to replace the bad characters in the mail body! Error: Error in Document::SearchAndReplaceBadCharacters. Known bad characters in an email body are replaced during processing in order to allow the document to process successfully. This error indicates a problem occurred during that step.
Error: External component has thrown an exception. This is a generic error indicating an external application or DLL used by eCapture generated an error, causing eCapture’s process to fail.
Error: Error in Document::SearchAndReplaceBadCharacters. See similar error above.
Length cannot be less than zero. This is a generic code-related error, likely caused by eCapture trying to handle non-standard or unexpected properties of a file or set of data.
NotesUIDocument object is no longer valid. This is a Lotus Notes error, possibly indicating the Lotus Notes mail client closed unexpectedly.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This is a generic code-related error caused by the code attempting to access an object (in code) that has not been created or does not exist.
Print failed! The UNID of currently opened document does not match the mail item being processed! This is a Lotus Notes error indicating that when eCapture opened an email in the Notes store, the UNID (unique identifier) of the email did not match the UNID eCapture had stored for that same email. To prevent mismatched output from being generated, an error is thrown.
The interface is unknown. This is a generic error; there are not a lot of details to go off of, but it could be related to Lotus Notes. eCapture expects a certain code-based interface when the Notes store is opened, but encountered an unexpected interface; it is possible the Lotus Notes stored could not be opened at all.
The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists. This is a generic error, possibly related to an inability to connect to the SQL server or eCapture databases.
The type initializer for 'Ipro.eCapture.ecProcess.Service.NotesStoreAccessFactory' This is a code-related error; it could have been caused by an unregistered DLL or component required by eCapture.
Timed out: Printing document. This is a generic timeout error that occurred when attempting to print the document, likely through the eCapture (BlackIce) printer drivers. It could be caused by an unresponsive or missing printer driver.
Unable to initialize Lotus Notes; no session could be instantiated. eCapture could not open the Lotus Notes mail client through standard methods. This could be caused if Lotus Notes is not installed, or it could be a one-time error trying to open an email, or a Lotus Notes exception could have occurred causing the Notes process to crash.
Unprocessable document. This is a standard error generated by eCapture when an unprocessable document is sent to be processed. An unprocessable document is any document that does not exist on disk or 0-byte files.
The error ‘Call was rejected by callee’ is also a generic code-related error, normally indicating that an attempt to access an external component was prevented for some reason. This could be caused by protection on the source file, insufficient rights to the external component, or if the external component could not be launched or accessed.