How to increase time-out for Ipro File Mounting Service
Applies to: ADD, eCapture
Version: eCapture 2016.3.2 and later

By default, the timeout value for the Ipro File Mounting Service is set to 300 seconds. In some cases, especially with very large forensic image files, the timeout will need to be increased in order for the forensic mounting application to completely mount the image.
One or more of the below resolutions require knowledge of T-SQL and/or SQL Management Studio; consult a qualified SQL administrator for assistance with these procedures. Back up any targeted SQL databases before executing any SQL statements. Assisting with these procedures is outside the scope of normal Ipro application support.

Possible resolution 1
Execute the following SQL statement against your ADD (Nucleus) configuration database. Note that this statement will only work against implementations with only one ADD environment.

DECLARE @AppId nvarchar(50)

SET @AppId =
    SELECT ApplicationEnvironmentIdentifier
    FROM Enterprise.ApplicationEnvironment
    WHERE ProductId = 4

SET PropertyValue = '###' --Replace ### with the desired timeout value, in seconds
FROM Enterprise.ApplicationEnvironmentProperty AEP
JOIN Enterprise.ApplicationEnvironmentPropertyName AEPN
ON AEP.ApplicationEnvironmentPropertyNameId = AEPN.ApplicationEnvironmentPropertyNameId
WHERE AEP.ApplicationEnvironmentIdentifier = @AppId AND AEPN.PropertyName = 'ForensicImageManagerMaxWaitTime'